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Timber Antiloper Double Kick (DK)

The Antiloper is the epitomy of freeride combined with freestyle. A product of constant design and testing. Available in Double kick and Single kick version!

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The Antiloper is the freeride/freestyle beast you can’t do without.


Sometimes you just have to put on your ‘fuck-it’ hat and throw all earlier plans into the wind. So that’s what we did. Designed again with a clean slate.
The evolution of the Antiloper is a long one. The first of them were built as early as 2010. Throughout the entire lifetime this board has had some major changes to both its outline and concave.
Learning from every version and keeping the wishes of the market in mind brought forth the next stage of freestyle boards. This thing is complex, but feels very natural when riding. A sum of all the abilities we have built up in our arsenal gives you the best all-round freestyle/freeride board you will ever find.
The biggest props to Jouke Bos, who is the spiritual father of this board. A collaboration of numerous people have made this board into what we consider to be a crowning achievement of Timber boards.



Oh boy. How do we describe this one? To give a short summation: Flares, middle elevation, relatively low kicks, steady middle. Now this is just the surface. All the subtle curves of this board gives it a truly unique feel. It is stiff, but light. You will always know where you stand. Combine all this with some big round rails and you’ve got yourself a predictable platform when bombing hills, but also gives it a very natural feel when performing tricks.


Depending on your choice of wheelbase you have several options. With the trucks closest together your kicks will be 16,5 cm. The longest wheelbase will give you 15cm kicks. The height of the kicks from the bolts to the tip is 2,0 cm. So it’s not as high as most of our boards, but this works perfectly for this board somehow. Throw it around easily for bigspins, shove-its, bigflips, etc.
Choosing the single kick option will give your Antiloper either a 5,2cm or a 6,7 cm nose. Big enough to still give it versatility. Also, it looks sweet.

Mechanical Properties

The double kick version is 98 centimeters long. The single kick is 87 centimeters long. A complex curvature of concave and a buttload of carefully arranged composites makes this board stiff. Double carbon stringers on the bottom layer ensures that this board will remain stiff. But combined with lighter glass combines stiffness with lightness. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what we call the perfect balance.


Two options. Longest wheelbase is 55,35 centimeters. Very specifically chosen. The shortest wheelbase is 52,2 centimeters. Not too long, not too short. This gives you a nice controllable slide and breakout on higher speeds. Also provides the rider with enough kick to push the envelope on technical tricks.


Freestyle and freeride perfection. Tough and light. All-round and complex. Natural feeling.


For the double kick: A fire filled universe and a manifestation of the spirit of an antelope.
For the Single kick: A cosmic background highlights the balance of this board with the universe.

Suggested set-up

Wheels that are around 65 mm are best for this board. If you want to go higher we suggest appropriate risers. 180 trucks of your preference will make this board ride rather swell.

So: 40-50 degree trucks, 180mm with 60-65 millimeter wheels. Depending on your personal preference.

Lenght98 cm, 38.6 inch
Width23 cm, 9 inch
Wheelbase52.2 cm-55.2 cm, 20.55 inch-21.73 inch
Concave stance1.2 cm, 0.47 inch
Concave mid1.4 cm, 0.55 inch
Concave flares1.4 cm, 0.55 inch
Length kicks15.2 cm-16.7 cm, 5.98 inch-6.57 inch
Hight kicks2 cm, 0.787 inch
Special featuresNo flex, Lots of carbon fiber, super fancy graphic, Full bamboo

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Timber Antiloper Double Kick (DK)

Timber Antiloper Double Kick (DK)

The Antiloper is the epitomy of freeride combined with freestyle. A product of constant design and testing. Available in Double kick and Single kick version!

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