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MBS Pro Grip Pads

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Incl. Grip (Set of 2)

For years MBS has battled with the question of which is the ultimate deck cross section, flat or concave?  On the one hand you have the unbeatable flex and pop characteristics inherent in flat snowboard style deck profile.  On the other hand, you have, well…. concave.  Who doesn’t love it, right?  Well, with MBS Pro Grip Pads you no longer need to choose.  The concave sits right under your foot in the form of a contoured shock absorbing elastomer grip pad.  That frees up the MBS Pro DWIII to deliver 100% pure and consistent flex and pop all the way from tip to tail.  No more flex concentration right in the center of the deck. Pure flex and concave – the best of both worlds.


– 8mm radial concave gently cradles your feet and gives you extra leverage in every turn.

– Shock absorbing elastomer pad reduces fatigue due to unwanted road/trail vibration.

– Gnarly 36 grit grip tape top surface for maximum control.

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MBS Pro Grip Pads

MBS Pro Grip Pads

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